ROME :-§) friday special post

This week’s special post comes directly from a city located at the Lazio region (so you see i’ve done my homework) with a population of approx. 2,705,603 people.

The first 2, we all know, were Romulus and Remus. The myth says they both exhibited a mustache after young age, which technically inserts them in the DOUBLE TROUBLE hall of fame. What came after is a looong sucession of facts and emperors and wars and swords and bla, but let’s skip the historical bullshit and jump directly to the Fall of The Roman Empire, cause that’s the only remarkable fact concerning this blog.

Well, fact is that Rome (which comes from Roma, or Amor if you’re a romantic dyslexic) only crumbled due to a subtle change on its citizens preferences towards personal apparel: the mustache - a trademark since Romulus and his hairy twin – was questioned and later outdated by the beard. Just look at those stupid cimented man standing on the Fontana de Trevi and some other useless monuments. All bearded fuckers!

Fortunately Rome is a cosmopolitan city and passive to international mustache influence, so we can proudly say its population regained conscience of the true classical beauty that lies within’.

Or, if you will, belowthenose.

ps: special thanks to Thais R. for capturing all the above with a limited but useful mobile.