DUOTONE :-§) friday special post

They're not satisfied with one color. No no no, they gotta have two. They are the positive and negative, heaven and hell, ying and yang, rose and thorn, life and death, Forrest Gump and Bubba of the mustache world. Ladies and gentleman, it's with great honor that Belowthenose presents, on this week's friday special, the Duetone mustache.

The Duetone species is often referred to as the "living antique mustache" since it reminds us of the good old days when movies and other visual arts were unanimously expressed in black and white. But as nostalgic as it may sound, the Duetone lives for today, and spreads its magical pallete of two colors in any mustache shape you can think of if: chopper, piriquit, 1800, etc and etc's friends. The only rule, as they say, is to "keep it in the grayscale".

So here's to the Duetones! May they keep representing this mythogical figure of the co-existing opposites, a conflict present in every man's heart. And woman too, supposing she's got a mustache.