HUNGRY :-§) friday special post

Kids, mustache is served! So get your jeans’ fly open.

Well well, the group of biga gentleman depicted here today stop at no „we’re closing now, mr.“, neither their stomachs get warmed-up before 3 anti-pasta.

Glutony is their axiom, mustache is their napkin.

august 31 :-§) typical flee market mustache

Walking around, peeking around, bargaining around. Eventually buying.
We bump into thousands of bigas like this on the flee markets of the world, but it’s funny how they all are unique in their own way.

Every mustache tells a story.

august 30 :-§) sea-bear mustache

Who can’t recall those great Coca-Cola ads?
Well, here’s you star: the sea bar mustache. A little beaten up, but still standing.

Make way for him. At least here, he’s a star.

august 29 :-§) a dirty synchronicity

Time for cleaning up! And what better timing than when the train is still away?
Ladies and gentleman, higiene is never enough. Anywhere, anytime. Good mood or bad mood.

It’s like that old saying: „Take whatever you want from your ear, just don’t take that mustache away.“

august 28 :-§) circumsizing the biga

Look! He’s scared... he sees the „dreadful scissor“ sign and therefore, my friends, he fears.

This old jewish tradition is a traumatic experience, even to those men who never experienced the worst of all decapitations¬. And it scares the bigas even more.

And you know why? ’Cause it reminds them of another scissor: the gillette.

august 27 :-§) mustache split in two

Great perspective we’ve got in this biga. It’s a rare shot, and it has to be spontaneous.

Great appearance also by the young ciclyst, who’s obstinate look longs for something greater in the future.

Like a mustache.

august 26 :-§) high school jock mustache

Greetings from „Revenge of the Nerds“, a classic. A classic where high school jocks threaten the abundant and peaceful awkward life of those great men: Lewis Skolnick and crew.

Back to the jocks, here’s a good example of a grown-up one. And we focs on him today mainly bceuase jocks are usually remembered for their younger-football-frat days.

Not here. Not at the belowthenose. If a man’s got a mustache, he’s in.

august 25 :-§) „look honey! a mustache!!“

Well, for this one you need to ZOOM IN. (click on the mustache above for greater detail)

See the lady? See knows. She knows what’s in.

And she points it out to her friends, so everyone can get a glimpse of this nature’s wonder.

SMOKIN’ BIGA :-§) friday special post

Ladies and gentleman, this blog is on fire. And why? Well, what we’ve got here is a group of grown men with hairy belowthenose adjectives ready to puff the hell out of anything.

And let me tell ya: they’re are skilled. It takes knowledge to handle a cigarette when you’re a mustache. A simple filter can turn into a torch and eventually spread the nicotined-fire to the rest of the sacred biga body.

Cancer? Naaaaaa. A mustache is forever.

august 24 :-§) marilyn monroe

Marilyn didn’t have a mustache. Neither did Kennedy, Joe Dimaggio or Arthur Miller.

But her son did. And still does, by the way. Just take a look at his left cheek and you go on „no further question your honor“ in a flick.

Hidden somewhere in Europe, as part of the FBI’s victim witness programs, this american legendary mustache is brought to you first-hand by belowthenose – the blog that never ceases to uncover the biga mysteries.

august 23 :-§) duck tales

Alright, alright. Scrooge McDuck, the grandfather from Huey, Dewey and Louie in the Disney series DuckTales had no mustache. But he had money, and we all know that’s what makes the rules.

This mustache depicted here today has money.

And that’s when power meet style.

august 22 :-§) directly out of the closet

Or not? – that’s today’s question

Considering the flag in the background, weeeeell, then what we’ve got here is a typical case of „donut-burner“ mustache. The aura around him is full of short „suspicious“ riddles and evidences:
- subliminal message on shirt (please click on image for further review)
- army hat
- golden neckless
- and last but not least, a small piece of toilet paper stuck inside ear

We gave you the clues. Now figure out if the mustache „bites the sheet“ or not.

august 21 :-§) excuse-moi

He’s gotta get going. He’s got something of real value on his bag. He’s tired of being haressed in the streets by a bunch of mustache-hunters.

He’s our post of the day, august 21st.

august 20 :-§) doctor mustache

Got any health problems? Perhaps a back pain? He’ll help you. He’s the doctor mustache.

Dressed in white – so no one will notice when a rebel biga fells from his belowthenosian jungle – this „i-just-wanna-save-the-world“ biga must be on his way to some kinda (notice his pocket). Whatever it is, sounds interesting to me. He’s a intellectualized mustache, and I appreciate that.

august 19 :-§) portrait of the artist as a young mustache

No razor.

Most painters in art history exhibited a mustache, so why shouldn’t he? But this young „art-making-artist“ (source: Daltony) still needs the support of yet another facial accessorie: the hairy jaw.

Artists... it ain’t easy at the beggining. But this one sure has guts.

august 18 :-§) womanizer

Wherever he goes, whenever he goes, that’s all women talk about. See the action in the background? That’s his smell, he’s kebab aura still in the air.

More efficient than a store window with 80% on sale, this mustache know how to hypnotise the opposite sex.

BAHNBIGA :-§) friday special post

Just when you think the streets are flooded with mustaches, then my friend, then you enter the metro. That’s where the real action takes place.

Bahnbiga (or underthegroundbelowthenose in german, a language known for its big words) is a specimen in permanent proliferation. These hairy gremmlins move fast and towards anywhere, anytime. Trust me: it’s a whole other world down there.

Piriquitis in the sky, bahnbigas beneath the ground. That’s all you gotta know about geography.

august 17 :-§) mustache in Levi’s

Jeans never go outta style.
Just like mustaches.

And no matter if you’re american, iranian, norwergian or russian (and all other ians) the mustache is always in. It’s the safe shot.

Feeling insecure? Get a mustache.

august 16 :-§) and the mustache wonders...

There’s a time in every mustache’s life when a few stupid questions kick in:
Will I turn gray?
Did my wife stopped kissing me ’cause of the hairy barricade?
Shoul I change my biga shampoo from curly to senstive?


But still winners.

august 15 :-§) pipeline, hawaii

Picture Kelly Slater on his 70’s or 80’s and try to picture what kinda hair will he have. Long sideways gray tubecity style, just like this mustache.

But the question is: will he be tough enough let a biga grow?

august 14 :-§) double-chinned high-tech biga

Who is he writing to? What is he trying to communicate? What in this biga world could be happening now that needs to be sms’ed right away?

Aww... the mustache cosmos intrigues me.

august 13 :-§) a look that could turn a hetero into a homo

Not that it happened to me or to any member of the BTN staff (remember we hunt mustaches for a livin, and „don’t mix business with pleasure“ also applies here)

But the point is: look at him. Wouldn’t you take a walk on the hairy side?

august 12 :-§) skinny santa claus

My adult life would’ve turned out way better if my parents told me Santa Claus had a mustache. Not that fuckin’ beard.

But it’s never too late, and now I’ve created my own world. A world inhabited by mythological mustachian figures such as the Peter Biga Pan, Rapunbiga and Little Red Riding Biga.

Can’t wait ’till I have children.

august 11 :-§) 2 mustaches in 1

Come on, who’s never had a funny hat?
A funny pair of glasses, perhaps?
I did, and I bet you did too. But what none of us had (and I mean NONE) is two mustaches.

Look closely: what’s that next to his ear? A biga! A siamese mustache twin from the one he’s got belowhisnose.

DNA these days...

JUÉVENES BIGOTES :-§) friday special post

Call them what you want: rookies, aspirants, baby biga, hairy youth, junior 'stachy, whatever. They don’t give a fuckin’ care what you call them.

And you wanna know why? 'Cause they’ve got balls my friend. I’m talking about corrones, guts. At young age one must know thyself first so he can walk around proudly exhibiting thy mustache.

Today is Friday and I’m in love with the World. The future looks bright to me. I see today the bigas from tomorrow.

august 10 :-§) criminal on the loose

He’s out walking the streets.
A criminal.
A puppet hanger.

Hitting the prey against his soft belly and back, this homicidal mustache knows no innocents. And wouldn’t you know, dear belowthenosian friend, that right after this picture was taken he turned his back and went to liquidate the two peaceful lovers in the background?

And what did he do next? Hung them in his collar and went along.

august 09 :-§) mustache with a drinking problem

The mustache community is just like any other group of people: a few winners, a whole lot of losers. And amongst the winners, well, there are the drunken bigas.

With an open collar, messy hair, vague look and god knows what inside the brain, this mustache gonna wake up next to his neighbor’s dog wondering where the night went.

And it all started below his biga.

august 08:-§) when the espadachines mustache faced the wind

Mothers, you better keep your daughters home.

There’s medieval battle in the streets: a loosen biga is waving his hairy espadachines against the windy wind.

Worst than that: he thinks the windmill is a giant razor.

august 07:-§) mustachian stalllion

Ah, just look at him. The ¾ head-turn-look, the „would you like to tango?“ hand position, glasses on neckless, and last but not least, sharp-combed mustache.

A walking khaki slice of biga love.

Just look and you might learn something, dear belowthenosian friend.

august 06:-§) a mustache that knows something i don’t

Some people just have this effect on me: they know too much.
Or, perhaps, they know something I don’t (which happens in most cases, but that’s not the point here)

This biga has stories. He’s a lived mustached. The places he’s been, the stories he’s heard, the hotel rooms he’s trashed when roading for the Doobie Brothers, the women he left.

The razors he never had.

august 05:-§) jealous biga

He’s not happy with his shoes. He wants mine.

But I say: relax mister, you’ve got a nice mustache! Come on, open up that grizzly face and smile. Spread your hariy wings and fly!

You won’t need shoes up there.

august 04:-§) the chinese smile

The situation itself is a complex one: a bike that silently „farewells“ us, the lady in the brown bag (and hair), and the chinese grinning biga.

Everything taking place on a leaf-carpet romantic sidewalk.

The bike guy carries a dead cat in the bag.
The lady, she’s a mustache stalker. Point.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC:-§) friday special post

Oh yes, the BTN crew was there. The BTN and a million (approx.) mustaches from all over this big mustachian world. Amazing, simply amazing.

A less informed walker-by would think Prague was actually hosting the MCY (Mustache Convention of the Year). But it was not. It was just another weekend, another two-day flood of bigas invading the CR capital. All filled with joy and hairy faces.

Gosh, what a place to work! Kafka was right, even if he didn’t have a biga.