july 31 :-§) grease lightning!

I throw myself in the past, back in the old days of Grease. Olivia Newton, tell-me-more-tell-me-more, frat-virginity, leather coats, aaaaand... greased hairs.

But fuck hairs. We want bigas.

As you’ve given us both, we pardon you, mister Biga Travolta.

july 30 :-§) walk straight, like a mustache should

Awww... these biga’s gives us lots of trouble. They walk straight, no time for nothing.

This dude was tough, but nerely he knew we’re up for the chase. We accept the challenge. We’re pro-biga and in good condition.

They’ve got mustaches. We’ve got lungs.

july 29 :-§) cheap talk

Why would a mustache talk to a non-mustache? That’s vain chit-chat sailorman, and you should know that.

We do. That’s why your „friend“ is half-out the shot.

july 28 :-§) shades are useless

Sun shades can hide your eyes. Can isolate your eye-mood from the rest of the sidewalkers. Can protect your recent-smashed-from-a-fight.

Thankfully they’re no use in the biga department.

TROUBLEMAKER :-§) friday special post

They're angry. They're thirsty for revenge. Revenge of I don't know what, but oh yes, they are.

They give us trouble. Runaways from our lens, these gentleman are hard-to-get mustachio's.

But today is friday, special post day. And we've done our homework.

july 27 :-§) teddy bear

Or teddy mustache, if you must.

Kinda intellectual he is, but still childish. I love him, just love him.

And I know you do too, dear belowthenosian. Don't you wish he was your uncle? To show up at twice-a-year family gatherings?

july 26 :-§) al pacino?

Not. He's not Al Pacino. But kinda remembers.

Melancholy in his eyes, hair under his nose.

"I want the world, chico. And everything in it"

july 25 :-§) just another walking mustache

There’s millions of them out on the streets.

This one, well, is just another biga. Another easy shot. Another post.

Another reason to wake up in the morning.

july 24 :-§) mustache in socks

He looks bored.
His hands don’t lie.

He wears black.
He’s got no tie.

A mustache in socks.
We’re in the sky.

july 23 :-§) fat samurai

I’ve never been particulary attracted to the i’m-a-flying-jap-who-kills-bills movie genre.

Until I saw this mustache. It stands for the westernization of the sword.

A killing biga.

july 22 :-§) mid-life crisis

You can see it in his face: „Lord, what I’m doing in this Planet? What’s the meaning of life? Should I keep my mustache?“

In other words: To biga or not to biga?

july 21 :-§) hello, sailor

Sailors drink a lot. It’s a historical fact. This one’s even holding his kidney, publically, as he looks for the next cocktail.

I love a mustache in uniform.

PIRIQUIT:-§) friday special post

Piriquit (aka the Pigeon style) is a mustache that flies low.
They spread their rebellious hair against the windy winds of the mustachian kingdom and present humankind with a unique human/animal mustache approach.

Ladies and gentleman, it’s with great honor that we present you The Piriquit Mustache.

july 20 :-§) how cute: a tourist!

Don’t you wanna bite him?
Grab his cheeks, push and pull?

So do I!

Why? Cause he’s a fluffy tourist!

july 19 :-§) zit

How old are you? Forty? Forty-five? And hangin’ around with a finger-bombed pimple?

At least you’ve got a half-way chopper going on there. That definitely saves your ass, mister. (and not the white ez-cheese stuck in your mirror...)

july 18 :-§) mustache with balls

And with style.
With principles.
With a fuckin’ nice wristwatch.
With a look, let’s say, thirsty for victory.

With no razor.

july 17 :-§) dr. zoidberg

For those who do not know Futurama, please, trust us on this one.

Or just look at both pictures.
They tell the story.

july 16 :-§) handless dude

He’s got no hand.
Or is this another optical illusion from the mustachian world?

Aww, the mustachian world... it just fascinates me.

july 15 :-§) periquit?

Periquit or not, that’s the question.

Well, in this case the answer is not.

And why? Stick around and we shall tell you later, beloved mustachian fan.

july 14 :-§) hot dog companion

Hot sun calls for hot dog.
And a loyal mustached husband.

Such a pretty sight.
Such a pretty ring.
Such a tasty mustard.

RON JEREMY :-§) friday special post

Ladies, this one’s for you.

But please don’t come with the „I’ve never heard of hiiiiim“ yeck-yeck naive rap. You’ve seen him at your neighborhood’s videostore secret room.

And Lord, we’ve seen him on the streets.

july 13 :-§) the german expressionist

Eyebrows up, compressed chin, multi-horizon forehead.

Aww, the face behind the mustache.

july 12 :-§) gene heckman

Every person has a mission on this planet. Gene Hackman’s was to play Lex Luthor. (neverming the rest of his filmography)

And although Lex didn’t cultivate a mustache, Gene did.

A mustache as shiny as kryptonite.

july 11:-§) smelly mustache

Some people just can’t get enough of their mustache. They want to bite it, lick it, spank it.

This one wants to sniff it.

And he clearly uses his mobile as an excuse.

july 10 :-§) lovely, just lovely

The kinda of mustache my grandma would like me to date, if I was gay.

Always listen to your grandma. She’s seen more bigas than you

july 09 :-§) double chin

But one hellofa gray mustache.

Oh! And nice bald-path. A hairstyle only Moses could do, if he was a barber.

july 08 :-§) 85% albine

And where’s the other 15?

That’s what he’s looking for.

july 07 :-§) triple wart

The mustachian version of the Wicked Witch From the West.

Times three.

MIAMI VICE:-§) friday special post

A humble tribute to our beloved graphic-fashion-i-love-his-work-he’s-the-best, Gigio Bianco.

july 06:-§) john lennon

july 6, 1957: John Lennon and Paul McCartney meet for the first time at the Woolton Parish Church Garden Fete, Liverpool.

july 6, 2007: John Lennon is alive.

july 05:-§) the look of love

Women get hypnotized.

That my friends, that’s The Piriquit Effect.