CHOPPER:-§) friday special post

Forget Peter Fonda. Forget Dennis Hopper. Ladies and gentleman, here’s the real deal: chopper style.

Brought to you in all shapes and colors here, at your beloved belowthenose friday special post, this mustachian crew needs no bikes, no leather jackets, no hottie american-flagged roadies no „I just dig the wind-on-my-face“.

Oh, and no rezor either.

june 29:-§) got milk?

„Milk not, but a fully-grown mustache al-ight?“

You’re on focus here, mister family-guy, but we couldn’t help dropping a line about the funny fella behind you. Such a cozy laugh, ah...

But he’s got nothing to laugh about. No mustache, no glory.

june 28:-§) mustache on parachute?

Well, that was our first impression. You know how it is: you’re out there, chasing musta’s and suddenly a sporty, old but youngster mustache comes out of nowhere. A second look reveals a regular,
almost ordinary mustache.

Almost. If it wasn’t for his a-mullet-is-born thing going on.

june 27:-§) one mustache, two glasses

A jewerly case we’ve got here. Fancy watch, fancy rings,
fany mobile-acessorie-whatever-it-is.

Fancy mustache.

Notice the subliminal hobo on background.
Ladies and gentleman, that’s style.

june 26:-§) below the roadies

What we got here? (ok, besides the daily mustache...) Yes sir: two stalkers! Two out of thousands, millions of belowthenose roadies spread around this big great mustachian world. (notice a third one on the background, chillin’ like she’s too good for us... hopeless b*tch)

Sorry for not talking too much about you, señor orange-corded-eyeglass mustache. It’s just a small tribute to our fans.

One thumb up for you, girls.

june 25:-§) wonderbra anyone?

The winds are blowing cold at belowthenose.

And that’s all for today.

june 24:-§) germany knows beer

Wannagehigh? Wannagehigh? Use the straw.

This mustache has given us a lot of knowledge. First: if you wanna have a sip of your tasty warm beer, please hide from your friends behind a trash can. Second: don’t ever, ever leave your house without a red umbrella. And third: if the belowthenose crew is after you, play hard to get. Never look at the camera.

Specially if you’ve got a pint in hand

june 23:-§) sleepy

Who do we find in the midst of the crowd? Sleepy mustache. Pale white, probabaly dreaming about a nice jelly donut dancing to a Steve Vai solo (as this awesome shirt may suggest)

Sleepy mustache, just so you know: we’re awake.
And with camera in hand.

THE CORLEONE DOSSIER:-§) friday special post

Dos-si-er [ˈdosiei] noun: a collection of papers containing detailed information about a particular person or subject.

Finally, a friday special you can’t refuse. The unconvering of a mustache mob right outt’a Sicily, in all shapes and colors.

A collection of pictures the FBI would love to put their hands on, brought to you here, at belowthenose.

june 22:-§) checkpoint mustache

For those who are not aware of the fact, a few words: Checkpoint Charlie used to be the crossing/border/frontier/you-got-the-idea from east to west in cold-war Berlin. Today, thousands of tourists visit the place.

Thousands of mustaches. And they are free to walk from east to west, waving their short fur against the german wind.

Leaving the american sector? Take your mustache with you.

june 21:-§) me and my mustache, diggestin

whatever he has had for lunch, baby's gotta rest. he and his mustache.

a nice half-way glass of warm beer to go and we've found ourselves a man in nirvana here.

good thing we caught him before the siesta.

june 20:-§) mustache lee

"you lost? wanna get your ass kicked, kid?"

no, thanks doctor shang-mustache. actually, just we're here to register this oriental horizontal parenthesis hanging below your nose.


june 19:-§) where did my hair go?

right below your nose, my friend. that's where your hair went.

it makes up for the wide open path crossing from your shiny forehead towards your neck.

but let's focus here: forget the hair. you've got a nice mustache and that's what makes us happy.

june 18:-§) blessed be the mustache

„Lift up a stone, and you will find me there“, says Jesus.

„Lift up a hand, and you shall lead people to the mustache kingdom“, says our post of the day.

I see the the light. And it shines on a peaceful mustache.

june 17:-§) naughty naughty

You can run but you can’t hide. Sliding to the left won’t save you from our camera, dear mustache.

And drop the serious look.
It doesn’t go with you handwritten-prison-wall shirt.

Which, by the way, it’s duetone. Just like your mustache.

june 16:-§) up for a ride?

He wants to take you out for an ice cream. He wants to pick up your daughter after school. He’s the ultimate multivan mustache chauffeur.

Ladies and gentleman: get out of the way.
There’s a mustache coming through.

DOUBLE TROUBLE :-§) friday special post

I believe the name tells the story. But still, there’s a lot we can say about this mustache phenomenon.

This eclipse has no place nor time to happen. And it presents it’s fury like a Tsunami, so you’d better have a camera at hand or the Double Trouble is gone. But now he’s here, on our friday special post.

Enjoy! Or double enjoy!

june 15:-§) deep in thoughts

Yes he is. This mustache is in deep thoughts.
Now what he’s got his mind on, this my friend, this will never know.

„Shall I dye my mustache?“
„Should have I sold my kidney?“
„Is my fly open?“

I quit.

june 14:-§) the pitch

This dude’s trying to fool us.
He thinks his glasses will distract us from his mustache.


Establishing a pitch won’t free you from belowthenose, mister.

june 13:-§) hey, blue and gray!

Quite an interesting picture. Many things going on: a flying camera, a belowthenose roadie holding a becks, a proud wife, a curious salute from one of your hosts.

But let’s focus here. Nice mustache, mister.

You certainly deserve all the attention.

june 12:-§) a genious

Quoting Gito, my portuguese friend: „Portugal, land of geniuses.“

And what’s that have to do with the moustache depicted on this post? Have no idea.

He just looks a genious to me.

june 11:-§) self-cannibalism through mustachism

„I’ve got, I eat it. Simple as that: it’s my mustache, it’s my world, therefore it’s none of your business!“

Ok, mister. Enjoy your meal.

I bet it tastes like vanilla.

june 10:-§) m&m’s - mysterious mustache

Question: why do some people walk around dressed exactly like their kids? Come on, it’s not a matter of fashion here – i leave this task to Mr.Coolhunter and other fashion-bloggers. I’m just curious.

Fortunately, there’s a moustache to separate you from your son.
Or, in some cases, not even that.

As you’ll see on a soon-to-be friday special post.

june 9:-§) uh?

We’ve got ourselves a man in doubt. A curious mustache.

„What’s that your holding there? A camera?“

Yeah, it’s a camera. Not as fancy as your rainbow truck-driving shirt,
but gets the job done.

HAPPYBIGA:-§) friday special post

Yeah we happy. And why shouldn’t we? Have you taken a good luck at this thing I’ve got here under my nose? Goddam right.

Today is friday. Time to smile.

june 8:-§) the cleaner

„You don’t wanna know what’s on my left hand, cowboy.“

Certainly not a razor.

And certainly not a birthday card to Matilda (aka 11 year-old Natalie Portman). There’s no room for romance in this mustache. Only blood. Blood below the nose.

june 7:-§) evil eyebrows

He’s resting. He’s chillin’. He just had 3 taco-beans at Snack Charlie and it’s not in a particular mood to make friends.

So what you want? Yeah, you with the camera!
Wanna shoot my mustache?

Smell my fart.

june 6:-§) d-day

Yep, today we celebrate the 63th birthday of Operation Overlord.

So? So we look at the past. We honor those brave soldiers who landed on Normandy with nothing but machine guns and a few mustaches.

It’s a day to stop and think. And, why not, exhibit our mustaches while we’re at it.

june 5:-§) notre dame is here

Fairy tales are real. Just look around and you might find your favorite character on the street. Mine, personally, was (and it always be) the Wicked Witch from the West. The way she melt... aaahhh, what would childhood be without that?

Unfortunately I’ve never bumped into her. But the Hunchback, my friends, I did.

And what a mustache he had on.

june 4:-§) visionary

Aaaahhh, the horizon... this thin line which have always entrigued men.

Just like the mustache.

And what a nice one we’ve got here, by the way. Sharply white, confident, it silenty says: „Whatever the future brings, we’ll be there. My mustache and I“

june 3:-§) aaah, those blue eyes

He’s got us under his nose. Mysterious look, bag on one shoulder, rebel hair. Just give him a mic and get ready for some Rat-Pack lullaby.

But if you’re not on the whisky team, he’s an alternative: bedtime story with daddy-mustache on the background.

Ladis and gentleman, welcome to the mustache jukebox.

june 2:-§) go mustache, go!

Forget Rivellino. What we’ve got here is the ultimate soccer mustache.

And don’t come with this „but what about this potbelly?“ stuff. He’s got style, he’s got glasses, he’s got a gold lucky-charm neckless.

ARBEITENBIGA:-§) friday special post

Arbeit stands for „work“ in german. Biga stands for „mustache“ in portuguese. Put them together, what you got? Arbeitenbiga.

And this is our first special post ever. From now on, every biga’s group gonna get their own tribute, one by one, each and every friday.

Thank God it’s Biga.