LISBOA :-§) friday special post

Ahhh these aquatic conquerors... what to say about them? How to describe such unique european archetype?

5 pictures.

Lisboa is a must for every mustache appreciator. Really. Not that the natives exhibit a long range of shapes. For instance, you won’t find a chopper, but trust me when I say 1 outta 3 padaria owner's carry a respectful 1800. Nevertheless the „bigode“ is deeply rooted in their collective consciousness.

Did you know that in 1755 an earthquake trashed 90% of Lisboa along with a few lovely tsunamis? Did you know Lisboa’s female population discovered the razor and therefore escaped our lenses? But we’re not done with Portugal. No, not yet.

Porto women, get ready. 'Cause we’re coming after you.

december 21 :-§) omv rules

december 20 :-§) where does the hair ends and the hat begins?

december 19 :-§) fluffy mustache demonstrates how to hold a capirinha

december 18 :-§) shrimp

december 17 :-§) mustache in butterfly-hunter jacket looking for a prey

december 16 :-§) international correspondent: Denmark!

And a new Scandinavian correspondent has joined the belowthenose quest for the world’s coverage of the mustache.

This time is Denmark, homeland of Soren Kierkegaard, Lars Von Trier, Lego and Carslberg (please enjoy separately) and of humankind’s crème de la crème, the vikings.

So welcome Denmark! May your nordic winds blow hairy warriors to belowthefans all over the world.

december 15 :-§) "no mercy..." - and the mustache hangs up

WISH WAS MY GRANDPA :-§) friday special post

And don't you?
Don't you wish one of these cuties was your grandpa? Doesn't really matter if father of your father or father of your mother (not to mention mr.milkman), the point here is they can guarentee an aura of wisdom at your graduation's family-dinner-table just by standing there, with their wrinkled cheeks and tender "are those natural??" curious little brown eyes.

Just picture yourself next to the easychair listening to countless tales and lifelessons only a true experienced mustache can possess, then answer me honestly: what else can a grandson ask for? Original LP's from Louis Armstrong? Money for a hooker?

I'll let you wonder through the weekend, my little mustache bastard friend.

december 14 :-§) mustache1 observes streetmoves while mustache2 pretends to also observe, but he's actually performing an underwear rescue procedure

december 13 :-§) big mustache supported by not so big legs

december 12 :-§) if the world was ruled by the mustache (which I'm gradually convinced of) this look would be this month's Vogue cover

december 11 :-§) mustache shaped like a hat, but not parallel

december 10 :-§) blue and black mustache walking home (and the mystery of the blue and black volkswagen that followed him)

december 09 :-§) first rule of animal life: horses don't kick a mustache in hat

december 08 :-§) playmobil

Schönbrunn Castle, WIEN :-§) friday special post

Who's never being to Schönbrunn Castle? Not me. Nope, not this belowthenose writer. But a few members of the belowthestaff did, and this time with the honorable companion of Thaís R - BTN's OMP (Belowthenose Official Mobile Photographer).

And what news do they bring us, besides old rocks piled-up and endless ancient staircases? Hu? Besides those who-da-hell-cares-whadafuck-this-place-held-in-the-past 1 sleeve flyers guides? Well, from here it looks like the mustache is "in" at places you and me would never ever - EVER - go.

So relax. You don't have to see it for yourself. You don't have to spend hundreds of euros to V-mark these wonder buildings and parks. No you don't. And why? 'Cause you can trust your mustache curiosity/appetite on the Belowthenose and go to bed with a clear conscience.

december 07 :-§) hopeless mustache observing the missed bus stop

december 06 :-§) man stealing fake chopper mustache on mask store

DUOTONE :-§) friday special post

They're not satisfied with one color. No no no, they gotta have two. They are the positive and negative, heaven and hell, ying and yang, rose and thorn, life and death, Forrest Gump and Bubba of the mustache world. Ladies and gentleman, it's with great honor that Belowthenose presents, on this week's friday special, the Duetone mustache.

The Duetone species is often referred to as the "living antique mustache" since it reminds us of the good old days when movies and other visual arts were unanimously expressed in black and white. But as nostalgic as it may sound, the Duetone lives for today, and spreads its magical pallete of two colors in any mustache shape you can think of if: chopper, piriquit, 1800, etc and etc's friends. The only rule, as they say, is to "keep it in the grayscale".

So here's to the Duetones! May they keep representing this mythogical figure of the co-existing opposites, a conflict present in every man's heart. And woman too, supposing she's got a mustache.

november 30 :-§) honey, tonight I'm wearing my cantine toilet towel shirt

november 29 :-§) my name is Norbert, I have a mustache and I'm late for my nephew's birthday party

november 28 :-§) pimp my face: elton john

This PIMP MY FACE has sold over 250 million albums, had more than 50 Top 40 hits including seven consecutive #1 US albums. But the question is: HOW?? How, if our english Tiny Dancer never had a mustache?

Belowthenose’s theory: Elton inherited a biological facial impediment from his father, Stanley Dwight, and never got over it. This humongous hereditarian disaster was a constant burden on little’s Elton life, which explains his innumerous suicide attempts. But people like the blues, therefore they buy his albums.

In other words: Elton John is nothing but a crippled mustached who plays the piano and sings his mysery outloud, but, somehow, people dig it.

november 27 :-§) mustache stares at dead pigeon and has a sudden flashback to the glorious piriquit days

A mustache, during his life course, can go through many different phases. Periods. They re-invent themselves, adapt, create, experiment. And they do as such with one thing in mind: find their own hairy personality.

Today’s post depicts a mustache in the exact moment he recalls his glorious piriquit days. (Click here to study the Piriquit phenomenon). The bad news is he’s a decadent Piriquit. The good is that he’s got one foot on the Spartan Oracle of the Mustache Society.

A nostalgic moment. A pause of true beauty brought to you by the Official Mustache Database.