BIKERS :-§) friday special post

They do it ’cause it’s good for the body.
They do it ’cause it's good for the mind.
They do it ’cause it’s good for the environment.

Or simply ’cause they’re poor.

Doesn’t really matter, though. The point of riding the bike is to get your mustache blown by the wind, and no Benz no Porsche can do it. Let’s say it's the first step on the mustache hierarchy towards reaching the chopper status.

Ladies and gentleman, here's our friday salute to the hairy riders.

january 18 :-§) belowthenose intern: Sex Appeal practices the "i believe i can fly" approach

january 17 :-§) meanwhile, during the united nation’s lunchbreak...

january 16 :-§) combed-hair sleepwalker

january 15 :-§) shopping for my mommy

january 14 :-§) the pusherman

january 13 :-§) albine in black shades whistles to mustached man while machu picchu dudes on background keep rockin' on their 12,857th world tour

january 12 :-§) yuppie

OFFICER :-§) friday special post

They’re out there to keep things under control. To make sure no one runs over the rules. They're heavily trained, heavily armed, and most importantly, heavily hairy.

Ladies and gentleman, it’s with great honor the that belowthestaff brings you the mustached men behind this world’s thin line between order and chaos. (ãh?)

Have a nice weekend. And keep it cool, punk.

january 11 :-§) lunchtime: predator spots prey

january 10 :-§) international correspondent: Italy!

Lots have been said about Rome in this blog, but seems like Italy has more to offer. And even after out intern, Sex Appeal, dug deep into the ancient walls of the Coliseum we still keep getting more and more hairy hints about this mediterranean land that ceases to shave.

Only there's something curious about the these recent belowthestaff contributors: they work on a team-basis, more like a female batman & robin mustache hunting squad. That's ok for us, once they have the same piccola height and the victims don't get blocked.

january 09 :-§) from the ancient book of mustache behaviour, chapter "on how to handle a queue with style"

january 08 :-§) pimp my face: schwarzenegger!

january 07 :-§) dark shades, cool hat, jim-morrison-shoulder-attitude: man, i look 50 years younger

january 06 :-§) man in white (pantoneless)

january 05 :-§) ponytail

XMAS :-§) friday special post

Santa has a beard.
No wonder kids cry when parents leave them on the marshmallow-on-red-bathrobe's lap.

So to give the little ones back their hope our belowthestaff hit the streets in the search for new role models.

And trust me when I say: Christmas is a blessed season.

january 04:-§) international correspondent: Morocco!

Yes, Belowthenose has entered Africa. As you can see, our newest international correspondent comes from the banks of Morocco.

The land where the light shines brighter and camels are worth a wife.
The land where the mustache touches the carpet.

january 03:-§) funny valentine

january 02:-§) spotting a bagel

january 01 :-§) -10°C and still looking good

december 31 :-§) under cheap absynth effect

december 30 :-§) international correspondent: Portugal!

A few weeks have passed since friday special post Lisboa and we’re back in Portugal. This time with our newest international correspondent.

Portugal is probably Europe’s country whose land borders are the oldest. But its tiny territorial strip is a mustache paradise.

An unisex mustache paradise.

december 29 :-§) you don’t need a focused camera to see a big mustache

COLISEUM by SEX APPEAL :-§) friday special post

This week’s special comes from the ruins of Rome, and it’s brought to you by our young and promising intern: Sex Appeal.

He’s been in the Coliseum and was more impressed by the ferocious ammount of mustaches than by any cage or other tourists' butts.

“It was a battle out there. They were everywhere, sometimes three, four around me! I didn’t know what to click first“ – says the Belowthenose intern.

Grazie, Sex Appeal. You got a B+ for your anthropological contribution.

december 28 :-§) mustache caught during fart-release

december 27 :-§) naughty professor


Like any other major corporation we also offer a traineeship program.
Yes we do. Just think: who wouldn’t wanna have a BTN on his CV?

So our first intern is this guy you see up there: Sex Appeal. That’s his name, and that’s how he wants to be called. And we don’t have a problem with that since Sex has shown great effort and brilliant skills on the capturing process.

Like thousands of young aspiring teens, Sex dreams of joining the belowthestaff. If he doesn’t make it, well, at least he’ll have the BTN intern-stamp on his chest.

And fuck Harvard.