october 31:-§) felipão

Brazilians remember him well from 2002 (so do Germans) but he
currently belongs to the portuguese people, which leads us to a big parenthesis.

Our staff has been informed Portugal is a true female mustache bunker, which makes us long for an international correspondendent in the glorious land of the bacalhau. Anyone, please?

Feilpão is worldwide known for a tough attitude towards his soccer players. But we all know where this respect comes from, don’t we? Not from chalckboard, not from loud screaming, not from the gesturing.

Felipão was successful in 2002 over one of the most mustached countries of the word: Germany. But what happened in 2006? Well, we’ve got a theory for you: an internal national conspirancy led by the portuguese female population willing to stop Felipão from associating Portugal to a male mustache.

october 30:-§) experimental filmmaker mustache shooting his own shoes

october 29:-§) mustache gets suspicious after being caught in a public-dump guerrila act

october 28:-§) you don’t have to be an albine to own an albine mustache (featuring proud daugther posing with mosquito shades)

october 27:-§) cheap-talk mustache draggin blond victim to private sadistic cave

INTELLECTUAL:-§) friday special post

Some may refer to them as inhabitants of the abstract world. Others, conquerors of the truth that lies beyond the horizon of common knowledge. Either way there’s one immutable fact which characterizes these natural born wonderers: they all protect their golden brains behind a hairy shelter also known as mustachio [Origin: 1545–55; mostacho, It mostaccio, var. of mostacchio, MGk moustáki, Doric Gk mýstax, s. mystak- upper lip, mustache]

Just open your encyclopedia (the forgotten beast lying on the livingroom shelf) and you may find an unbelievable pantone of mustas in all shapes and colors. It’s like looking at those shitty hairstyle-menus they give you at the barber when you don’t know whatafuck to do with your hair.

Einstein, Darwin, Nietzsche, blablabla. Hundreds tried, but no one unveiled the role of the mustache on the human psyche. Little they knew they carried the answer belowtheirnoses.

october 26:-§) possible explanation for a mustache who walks around with a shave message on his hat: illiterate

october 25:-§) on the papers today: man lets mustache grow to draw attention from big forehead

october 22:-§) international correspondent: spain!

A new country has joined the belowthenose union. From now on, Spain will be also under the mustache alert.

The furry hunt will be provided by the belowthefan depicted on the stamp above.

Once again we call upon the belowthefans around this great mustachain world to join our mission: become an INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT by writing to belowthenose@gmail.com

october 21:-§) a young man sees a mustache and wonders about the future of his beard

october 20:-§) a mustache in profile, a dog and a man looking for superman

XABIGA :-§) friday special post

Controversy at the belowthenose headquarters.
“What’s a XABIGA?“ some ask. “Where does that come from?“

Let’s say this is a very sensitive subject, so we let the pictures do the talk.

And honey, they do.

october 19:-§) tend skin, tender mustache

october 18:-§) mr.magoo

october 17:-§) the encounter of the white finger with the dark mustache

october 15:-§) a mustache most likely to have popcorn on its fur

october 14:-§) picture this dude without a mustache and you'll see a weak man

october 13:-§) a hat shaped like a mustache and vice-versa

Sometimes it’s hard to identify the special feature of each mustache walking the streets, even if that means putting Picasso’s method of looking at the same subject from different angles in practice.

But sooner or later we unveil the mustache. We expose its uniqueness not only as a nice and hairy armor, but as the mustache itself behaves towards its creator.

BARCELONA :-§) friday special post

Barcelona is oftenly quoted as "one of the best cities in Europe". Goddam right.

But may I ask: in which aspect?

Surely the streets are filled with cool people, hip stores and overall culture (this writer is still under sightseeing literature...), not to mention the wildlifed Rambla and its bizarre artshitics performances. But that's all, as we know, a bunch of bullshit. What's really under evaluation here is the mustache per capita of this great catalunyan city. And friends, trust me, the opening quote from today's special deserves our checkmark.

Barcelona is nothing but an open-air mustache bunker filled with hairy facial tapas in all shapes and colors.

So enjoy. Take your siesta time to appreciate these 5 spanish specimens. I'm sure you'll understand where Dali got his inspiration from.

october 12:-§) international correspondent: Sweden!

This is the first mustache coming from Sweden. Actually, the first correspondent post ever at belowthenose. I believe it would be kinda polite to talk about Sweden and stuff, but all you’ve got to know is that this man was their first democratically elected Prime Minister.

Enough with the diplomacy, some thoughts about this nordic hairy wonder: it's a perfect amalgm of the juévenes bigotes archetype with the troublemaker facial expression.

Well well, so we take this opportunity to remind all belothefans that THE MUSTACHIAN-LINES ARE OPEN. If you live in a country overpopulated by mustaches (which includes all 193 states with international recognition) and wanna become an INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT, don’t hesitate to write to belowthenose@gmail.com.
Our staff shall compensate your generosity with a special stamp (just like the one in today’s post), not to mention the inestimable exposure to the mustachian world as well as anthropologycal circles.

october 11:-§) gandhi

Mahatma, in sanskrit, means “Great Soul“. It should stand for Great Mustache.

Great Mustache Gandhi was a british educated lawyer who led India to independence advocating non-violence as a weapon. The weapon, we all know, has a name: razor.

So this is our small tribute to this great man’s life. If more people thought like Great Mustache Gandhi, you'd get 2 posts per day instead of one.

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind“ – Gandhi
“A razor alone can make the whole world bald“ – Belowthenose

october 10:-§) mustache in quicksilver hat using wife as bullet proof vest

Not much to say, really, after the headline above. Still, if you dig really deep, I bet there’s lots of joyfull elements in this wonderful scenery to look at.

But our little mustachian Kelly Slater beats them all.

october 09:-§) true tale of a sad mustache and his suspicious wife

It all started before they left home.
She wore a red coat, so did he.
She got her black teenage bag, so did he.
Then he put a blue cap on, lit 2 matches and, looked at the sparkling fire and said: “Whadahell Martha, are we twins or are we lovers?“
No answer was heard.

On the streets, no words were spoken. Nothing but steps and silent wonders.

“I wish I had a mustache“ - she thought.
“By this time our house must be completely burned“ - thought he.

october 08:-§) mustache with a bionic arm

Now that’s a new one. We ain’t had many futuristic shit in this blog, but who’s to show up but a robocopian mustache?

I wonder if he’s got the arm set up to retouch the mustache.
If so, did he patent it?
Is he a mustache sent back from the future?
Are there enough mustaches so I should consider bringin a child to this world?

october 07:-§) evil-jacket gang

These gentleman get together to do nothing.
To talk about nothing.
To stare and wonder about nothing.

And why should they? It’s an evil-jacket meeting, alright!? A mustache bunker guarded by macho coats.

As they say:

Raise your arm
Let your mustache grow
Now get a jacket
And let it roll

october 06:-§) a toupete trying to draw the attention from the mustache

Rasta, mohican, tribal, bald, punk, all in vain.

What these gentleman must understand ist that dragging a mustache everywhere means signing a silent contract with the gods of visual appearance. But no, they try everything to deviate the passerby’s attention.

The gods don’t like that. May they punish the weak with bald upper lips!

MUSICIANS :-§) friday special post

Ahhhh the world of music... this magical abstract cosmos in which our minds are lost ships sailing to the ocean tunes and where musicians are the stars that guide the sailors of our brain towards the rhytmic peak of the melody storm.

Enough with the pseudo-intellectualism.

This week’s special post features a mustache breed that, more than any other, provides the world with happy-clappy moments and inter-racial tranquility amongst mustache and non-mustached individuals. And although the range of instruments may very – just like the hairy shape of its participants – this lyrical pedigree sets the mustache as a common bond for all its colleagues around the globe.

Ob-la-di ob-la-da, have a nice weekend.

(special thanks to: Thais R/ Fabio W/ Marina F)

october 05:-§) mustache guarded by a baldheadead woman

On our daily hunt we usually bump into selfish wifes and overprotective girlfriends whose purpose is to make our job harder. But our staff is well trainned, well equipped and not modest. And, by any circumstance, won’t back down to female bodyguarding.

Not even if their famous, which is the case of today’s post. Please notice that the guarding female on the picture is actually Mario Covas, RIP, a former brazilian politician.

october 04 :-§) search and destroy

Like any other group, the mustachian cartel has its bad apples. I mean the ones that leave home not to come back until they have quenched their thirst for blood.

I’m sure modern history is filled with examples that support my theory.

And you gotta respect them. If not for their mustache, for their army.

october 03 :-§) a mustache pretending to listen to a non-mustache’s confession

You gotta let it go. You gotta let them talk as if the knew something.

Well, they don’t.

A face without a mustache isn’t a face. It’s a statement of weakness and lack of manliness.