october 31:-§) felipão

Brazilians remember him well from 2002 (so do Germans) but he
currently belongs to the portuguese people, which leads us to a big parenthesis.

Our staff has been informed Portugal is a true female mustache bunker, which makes us long for an international correspondendent in the glorious land of the bacalhau. Anyone, please?

Feilpão is worldwide known for a tough attitude towards his soccer players. But we all know where this respect comes from, don’t we? Not from chalckboard, not from loud screaming, not from the gesturing.

Felipão was successful in 2002 over one of the most mustached countries of the word: Germany. But what happened in 2006? Well, we’ve got a theory for you: an internal national conspirancy led by the portuguese female population willing to stop Felipão from associating Portugal to a male mustache.