BARCELONA :-§) friday special post

Barcelona is oftenly quoted as "one of the best cities in Europe". Goddam right.

But may I ask: in which aspect?

Surely the streets are filled with cool people, hip stores and overall culture (this writer is still under sightseeing literature...), not to mention the wildlifed Rambla and its bizarre artshitics performances. But that's all, as we know, a bunch of bullshit. What's really under evaluation here is the mustache per capita of this great catalunyan city. And friends, trust me, the opening quote from today's special deserves our checkmark.

Barcelona is nothing but an open-air mustache bunker filled with hairy facial tapas in all shapes and colors.

So enjoy. Take your siesta time to appreciate these 5 spanish specimens. I'm sure you'll understand where Dali got his inspiration from.