october 12:-§) international correspondent: Sweden!

This is the first mustache coming from Sweden. Actually, the first correspondent post ever at belowthenose. I believe it would be kinda polite to talk about Sweden and stuff, but all you’ve got to know is that this man was their first democratically elected Prime Minister.

Enough with the diplomacy, some thoughts about this nordic hairy wonder: it's a perfect amalgm of the juévenes bigotes archetype with the troublemaker facial expression.

Well well, so we take this opportunity to remind all belothefans that THE MUSTACHIAN-LINES ARE OPEN. If you live in a country overpopulated by mustaches (which includes all 193 states with international recognition) and wanna become an INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT, don’t hesitate to write to belowthenose@gmail.com.
Our staff shall compensate your generosity with a special stamp (just like the one in today’s post), not to mention the inestimable exposure to the mustachian world as well as anthropologycal circles.