INTELLECTUAL:-§) friday special post

Some may refer to them as inhabitants of the abstract world. Others, conquerors of the truth that lies beyond the horizon of common knowledge. Either way there’s one immutable fact which characterizes these natural born wonderers: they all protect their golden brains behind a hairy shelter also known as mustachio [Origin: 1545–55; mostacho, It mostaccio, var. of mostacchio, MGk moustáki, Doric Gk mýstax, s. mystak- upper lip, mustache]

Just open your encyclopedia (the forgotten beast lying on the livingroom shelf) and you may find an unbelievable pantone of mustas in all shapes and colors. It’s like looking at those shitty hairstyle-menus they give you at the barber when you don’t know whatafuck to do with your hair.

Einstein, Darwin, Nietzsche, blablabla. Hundreds tried, but no one unveiled the role of the mustache on the human psyche. Little they knew they carried the answer belowtheirnoses.