Schönbrunn Castle, WIEN :-§) friday special post

Who's never being to Schönbrunn Castle? Not me. Nope, not this belowthenose writer. But a few members of the belowthestaff did, and this time with the honorable companion of Thaís R - BTN's OMP (Belowthenose Official Mobile Photographer).

And what news do they bring us, besides old rocks piled-up and endless ancient staircases? Hu? Besides those who-da-hell-cares-whadafuck-this-place-held-in-the-past 1 sleeve flyers guides? Well, from here it looks like the mustache is "in" at places you and me would never ever - EVER - go.

So relax. You don't have to see it for yourself. You don't have to spend hundreds of euros to V-mark these wonder buildings and parks. No you don't. And why? 'Cause you can trust your mustache curiosity/appetite on the Belowthenose and go to bed with a clear conscience.